Growing up in the upholstery world I have been constantly surrounded by furniture. The difference between you and I is that when I see a piece of furniture, it has no fabric and is stripped down to its frame. From the time I was a child, my father would call me over to a chair or a sofa and say, see what they did here? I am going to fix this and do it the right way.

Typically, the original manufacturer used the wrong style of spring in the sofa or an improper supporting structure component was used in the “guts” of the piece. So with that said, from a young age I have been versed and immersed in the word QUALITY. I carried that word and its meaning with me in my position at Just Cushions & Upholstery (our family’s three generation upholstery business). As of 2018 I have transcended that word and its meaning into my new business venture, Hilton Head Furniture Company. While running the business at Just Cushions, I noticed a common request amongst our clients… They would always tell us how they wished we carried new furniture.

After enough requests, I set out to do my due diligence and find a furniture line that we would be comfortable putting our family name on. During our search we were seeking two primary components to a company we would represent. QUALITY and REASONABLE. We wanted to locate a manufacturer that would build a piece of furniture the way we would when starting from scratch. You would think that finding such a thing these days would break the bank but that just isn’t true. Our upholstery furniture line comes out to just hundreds of dollars more than a re-upholstery project that requires a complete rebuild of insert replacements, etc.

Amazingly, it was almost impossible to find a company that still constructed their own furniture from start to finish IN THE USA. Then, we stumbled across our private label manufacturer out of Hickory, NC. Just like us, they are a four generation family owned business. For a lack of better terms, our manufacturer is one of the few companies that still make furniture ‘the right way’. However, most importantly they construct and upholster their furniture THEMSELVES from beginning to end in one facility. 

Now-a-days, almost all domestic furniture manufacturers are outsourcing overseas to cut cost and mass produce their products. The only problem with that is, they forgot they would be losing some of their QUALITY that they once possessed when furniture was still being constructed and covered in America. I urge you to come see and feel for yourself while learning more information in our showroom & design center located at 45 New Orleans Road. We look forward to seeing you soon and making you a lifelong client!

Larry Setola Jr.
Founder, Owner, & Operator
Hilton Head Furniture Company